Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Proceedings of the Seventh Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in Climatological Databases published

The Proceedings of the Seventh Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in Climatological Databases jointly organized with the Meeting of Cost ES0601 (Home) Action MC Meeting (Budapest, Hungary, 24-27 October 2011) has now been published. These proceedings were edited by Mónika Lakatos, Tamás Szentimrey and Enikő Vincze.

It is published as a WMO report in the series on World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme. (Some figures may not be displayed right in your browser, I could see them well using Acrobat Reader as stand-alone application and they did print right.)


Theoretical aspects of homogenization
Tamás Szentimrey

Influence of network density on homogenization performance
José A. Guijarro

Efficiencies of homogenisation methods: our present knowledge and its limitation
Peter Domonkos, Victor Venema and Olivier Mestre

ACMANT: why is it efficient?
Peter Domonkos

Theoretical questions of daily data homogenization and daily benchmark results for MASH
Tamás Szentimrey

Application of the redistribution method on custom data subsets
Predrag Petrović

Detection and correction of breakpoints in long-term German precipitation series
E. Rustemeier, A. Kapala, V. Venema and C. Simmer

Portuguese temperature dataset homogeneity with HOME R
L. Freitas, M. G. Pereira, L. Amorim, L. Caramelo, M. Mendes, and Luís F. Nunes

Considerations on snow and temperatures time series in western Italian Alps
S. Fratianni, S. Terzago, and F. Acquaotta

Data homogenization in the CARPATCLIM project
M. Lakatos, T. Szentimrey, Z. Bihari, and S. Szalai

Homogenization of long monthly air temperature time series collected in Ukraine
V. Osadchy, Y. Nabyvanets, O. Skrynyk, S. Krakovska, and O. Skrynyk

Special issue on homogenisation

People interested in this proceedings may also be interested in the recent Special issue on homogenisation of climate series in the open access Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service "Időjárás".

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