Tuesday 2 December 2014

The quality assurance system of WUWT


  1. Somehow a blank page has replaced what should have been an article about the merits & demerits of online review by comments.

    Perhaps next time you should check what you post?

  2. Is this a deep covert operation? Can we expect further documents from the trove to be released in the future by your deep mole? I'd love to see:

    Strategy document

    Ethics assessment

    for starters ...

  3. I'de love to see:

    Summary of scientific arguments

  4. I must have clicked "refresh" three or four times, trying to get the picture to load, before I scrolled down. /facepalm.

  5. :-) My apologies. That is why the page count is so high!!

    And maybe I should have made clear in some subtle way that you can click on the picture to get to an interesting source of deep covert information from a WUWT mole.

  6. I found a beautifully written and funny comment on the above post at WUWT by someone called "mike", I guess Anthony Watts would call him an anonymous coward, if "mike" would critique Watts rather than me.

    Probably "mike" thought he could not publish this here. Maybe it is about time I write something about moderation. Below posts on science, I do not want to see any vitriol, that shuts down critical thinking. And I want my guests to feel welcome, but below a non-scientific post and towards me, you can be a bit more polemic. And WUWT has nothing to do with science.

    Only the third paragraph is a bit a down turner, but I guess not everyone is familiar with Latex or legal documents, manuals and exam papers.

    Here is "mike"'s comment:

    In a truly shameless attempt to discredit the above post and attached commentary and all the other posts/commentary appearing here at WUWT, Victor Venema–he whose surname will not be bandied about in ribald jest!!!–has cobbled together a post at his pathetic, loser blog, “Variable Variability” (Note: “V”ictor “V”enema and “V”ariable “V”ariability. “VV”=”VV”–Get it? Pretty snappy, huh? I mean, like, that’s just the sort of geek-ball, Mr. Smarty-Pants word play that really appeals to the the ivory-tower eco-flakes who flocculate, in risibly small numbers, at Vic’s sorry, nerd-pit excuse for a blog!) entitled “The quality assurance system of WUWT”.

    SPOILER ALERT!!!: VV’s post consists entirely of a single page with the words “This page was intentionally left blank”. Get it?!!! Finished slapping your knee, yet? Jeez…look, VV desperately needs a “sense of humor” and so I’m basically sympathetic with his attempt at a little eco-creep joke, even if VV’s unwonted try for a giggle-booger is, in the final analysis, a big, fat, laughing-at-you-not-with-you, frankly-I’m-embarassed-for-the-guy, spastic-dork, showing-his-ass failure.

    But the one thing I can’t forgive VV for is how he so managed to “blow” his idiot zinger-stunt. I mean, like, if you write “This page intentionally left blank” on an otherwise blank page, then that page cannot be factually described as “intentionally left blank”–indeed, IT’S NOT BLANK, AT ALL!!! I mean, like, can’t VV see that for himself, even?–what a doofus, f#ckstick screw-up!!!

  7. OK, I don't expect WUWTers to be readers of technical reports and such, but it didn't even occur to "mike" to google that phrase. How very dull. Then he derided VV=VV... on a blog named "Watts Up With That"! Double plus dull.

  8. You first need to have the idea that you need to google it. That it might be a citation.

    The VV is unintentionally funny, yes. Especially as I myself only noticed the correspondence years later when someone referred to VV and I had to think whether he was talking about my blog or me.


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